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  • Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    More Cold and Snow

    I believe this to be the coldest night yet on the trail, possibly in the teens if the weatherman is right. I'm sure our water will be ice by morning. As we climbed Big Bald Mountain, some snow drifts were ankle to calf deep. It's slowing us down, but it should warm up by tomorrow. There is a nice fire crackling. We've been circling it much of the evening, with our damp socks held out over it to dry. I'm comfortable in my sleeping bag as I type this out on my cell phone, so I'm not as worried about the cold weather anymore. Unless I fall in a river.

    That giant snowball pictured is one-third of a snowman from last night. It was too cold for anyone to want to finish it. As you use your imagination to picture what the finished product would have looked like, don't forget to picture it awesome, because it would have been.