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  • Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Caught Up To Red

    I caught up with Red! This is him posing so Sixgun and Thumper can see how his beard is coming along. I'm sure they are as upset as me that he isn't allowing his Bob Ross afro to grow in. To have that ability and not use it... I just don't get it.

    Soon after meeting Red and the others with him, I realized how much I miss out on when I don't hike in a group. For example, when you are alone and you see a flyer in town for amateur pro wrestling (Iron Cross vs. Scotty Rocker) at a local high school, you keep hiking south. When you are in a group with Red, you go to the store to buy markers and poster board, make signs and a cardboard iron cross, then go to the school pretending to be the world's biggest Iron Cross fans. I saw a video of this. The 5 of them made up 20% of the crowd, but 99% of the noise. They screamed made up slogans, chanted "Iron Cross! Iron Cross!" and yelled at the ref when Scotty Rocker cheated and won the match.

    I think I'll stick with them a while and see what else happens.