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  • Tips & Advice

    Safe Drinking Water in the Backcountry

    Food & Nutrition

    Footwear and Foot Care

    Clean Clothes in the Backcountry

    Bugs and Other Pests on the A.T.

    Shelter Vs. Tents on the A.T.

    Make your own Alcohol Stove

    Make Your Own All-Weather Journals

    The Best Backpacking Pen

    30 Tips for Hitchhiking to Resupply

    Guide to Night & Low Light Photography

    Moving Water Photography

    Weather and Morale on Long Hikes

    Buying a Backpack

    Trash Bags as Backpack Liners

    Buying a Sleeping Bag

    Buying a Sleeping Pad

    Knives on the Appalachian Trail

    Hiking with Visitors on your Thru-Hike

    Online Mail Drops for Resupplying