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  • Thank you for your generous donations!

    I've worked hard to save for this adventure, so I will be in no immediate threat of having to hold out a cup, or choreograph a dazzling street performance to obtain enough money to fend off starvation. Your donations, however, will allow me to hike further and so keep this blog updating and entertaining.

    If all the hard work put into the site has been of some value to you, and you'd like to offer your support, I will be exceedingly grateful. To donate securely through PayPal, simply click the donate button on your right.

    Every donation, whether it's used to excitedly stuff my face at an all-you-can-eat buffet or to buy my next jar of peanut butter, will generate a post with photos on the blog, so you can see how you have directly effected my journey. Here is a list of contributors and how your donations have helped so far. Check back here for updates!
    Melissa from Indiana
    Courtney from Texas 
    Christy and Dave from Indiana #1, #2, #3
    Jess from North Carolina 
    James from Illinois  
    Kathy from Indiana
    Penny from North Carolina
    Steve from Washington
    Jo from Indiana 
    Paul from Ohio
    Jaylene from Ohio
    Mike from Indiana
    Kevin from Indiana
    Liz from Indiana 
    Tracy D. from Indiana 
    Amanda from Indiana
    Lauren from Indiana
    Sarah from Indiana
    Tracy M. from Indiana 
    Vonda from Indiana 
    Louellen from Indiana
    Erik from New York 
    Leon from Cumbria, England
    Maureen from Indiana
    Greg from Indiana
    Jana from Washington
    Monica from Motherwell, Scotland
    Megan from Coalville, England 
    Barb from Peru, Indiana
    Henry from Terrace Park, Ohio 
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