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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    South Leinster Way

    After leaving Clonmel, South Leinster Way followed the River Suir for miles, crosssing over the Three Arched Hump Back Bridge

    Then passed Cill Siollan, the ruins of a 12th century church. Then unfortunately a couple miles of unmaintained trail full of thorns and nettles.

    After running out of daylight, I had to camp in a visible spot along the river in Carrick-on-Suir. The early morning fishermen didn't seem to mind, but I got up early anyway. Much too early to take the tour of Ormond Castle.

    Then into Graiguenamanagh, which is a town and not a random collection of letters.

    I stopped at a small shop to buy food. The woman behind the counter told me there was a regatta in town today. 

    Iwatched various events including people paddling around in these viking boats, a youth diving competition, and tube and rowing races
    The next town was called Borris, home of a 16-arch limestone viaduct built in 1860.

    I wondered if anyone had ever said, "Where is the viaduct? Good there's a sign. Oh there's the viaduct."

    I climbed on top to search for a campsite. I considered camping on the viaduct itself, but figured it might be frowned upon.
    But I found a good spot beyond those trees. I setup my tent on a hurling pitch, too high for people to see me from the ground, and with a view of the old viaduct. Something about that sentence makes me feel good about my life.