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  • Saturday, July 19, 2014

    My First Guinness in Ireland

    The indisputable king of beers in Ireland is Guinness. It is definitely one of my favorites back home, but the bus driver who gave me a ride in his car the other day, assured me that it tastes better and better the closer I get to the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

    "I don't know what happens when it's shipped," he said. "but by the time it gets to The States, it's just not the same. It even tastes different on the west coast of Ireland."

    I decided to see if that were true. This is Guinness #1 in the west coast town of Glengarriff. I'm going to have a few pints as I make my way to Dublin.

    As soon as it hit my lips I knew. "Oh my God... that's so good." I whispered to myself as I set it down slowly. I was already looking forward to my next sip. It's so thick and filling, honestly I don't know why I bother eating food in towns.

    This one was provided by Christy and Dave in Peru, Indiana, who have been donating $5 per month since I added the donate button on the right. To afford to hike across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, I have to be on a strict budget, so donations like theirs allow me to treat myself every once in a while. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!