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  • Friday, August 24, 2012

    The Wonderland Trail: Mornings

    You ever have a dream where you roll out of bed and go through all of the repetitive minutia of getting ready to go to work, then your alarm shrieks and you realize, "Ahh man, I have to do that all over again?" You stumble back into the shower and rinse off that wonderful sleep warmth that still clings to your tired body. Never in life do I feel more cheated.

    After months of backpacking, I still have those dreams, but at least now when I wake up, rather than working, I start another day of hiking in a beautiful place.

    I had one of those dreams on my last morning in Rainier, only this time in my dream I got up and went through the process of taking down camp. I guess my subconscious finally forgot what it feels like to go to work. And, as evident in my dream, my subconscious also thinks part of my new morning routine involves cleaning an excessive amount of birdseed out of my tent and backpack. It shouldn't have surprised me that it was a dream. I mean, come on, nobody packs that much birdseed.

    When my alarm woke me from the dream, and by alarm I mean the sun slowly lighting up my tent, peacefully and quietly, I realized I'd have to take down my camp again. I really didn't mind, though. Firstly, the birdseed was gone, which saved me so much time, but most importantly, and contrary to my old life, I enjoyed waking up in the morning.
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