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  • Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    Brierly Hill Bed and Breakfast

    Lightfoot and I wanted to get into a town on Halloween for a couple of drinks and some time out of the cold. We learned that the owner of a B&B in Lexington would pick us up and, with the owner being a backpacker himself, give us a huge discount for a night's stay. Problem was, Lightfoot's phone had no reception and my battery was dead. After an hour trying to hitch, a woman stopped.

    "I thought, well they might kill me, but I need to do my good deed for today," she said.

    I was both grateful for the ride and to learn I still only look like I might be a killer.

    The B&B was one of the nicest and cleanest places I've ever stayed and cost as much as one of those disgusting hostels where you'd never even joke about stepping into a shower without flip flops.

    We never actually left to find a bar. After four days of temps hovering around 30, we were happy just being in a place with heat and free coffee. I stayed in my room, reading on this bed, until I woke with the sun coming up through the window.