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  • Thursday, November 10, 2011

    AT Day 52 - 54: West Hartford

    08-17-11: Thumper and Sixgun's Tent08-17-11: Hammock and Tent08-17-11: Red's Old Tent08-17-11: Walking to West Hartford, VT08-17-11: Unfriendly Horses08-17-11: West Hartford General Store
    08-18-11: Steve's Backyard08-18-11: Steve's Backyard08-18-11: Thumper's Second Jump08-18-11: Sixgun and Thumper Before Bridge Jump08-18-11: My Bridge Jump08-18-11: Me After Bridge Jump
    08-18-11: Thumper Taking the First Leap08-18-11: West Hartford08-19-11: Under the Hammock, Out of the Rain08-19-11: West Hartford General Store08-20-11: Tenting by a General Store08-18-11: Sixgun and Thumper's Bridge Jump

    Click on thumbnails to enlarge the photo and read a description.