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  • Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Church of the Mountain

    Yesterday afternoon, I crossed over the Delaware River and into Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. I planned to grab some food and get back on the trail, but had my needed miles for the day and couldn't pass up the hospitality of the Church of the Mountain. They keep a room open 24 hours for weary hikers, a warm dry place with couches, bunks, shower, and restroom. The fee is whatever you can afford, $3 recommended. I stayed up late chatting with two other sobos, Deuce and Brother. They are nice and I hope our paths occasionally cross again, but of course nobody could replace Sixgun and Thumper. I talked about them, and all the experiences we had on the trail, so much that Deuce said, "Man, now I'm missing them," even though he never met them.

    Anyway, I really like Delaware Water Gap, PA. The food is great and the people very friendly. It's amazing how that changes by simply crossing a river.