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  • Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    The Birdcage in Dalton MA

    Staying at the home of Rob Bird tonight. Another great person who opens their home to thru-hikers. Rob has had about 350 hikers in his home this year. "All you hikers give us old people a reason to be," he said. His first thru-hiker he met by a gas station on a rainy day who was looking for a cheap place to stay. None existed in town at the time, so Rob invited him over. He has since shared his home with over 4,000 hikers and has never asked for a dime in return. He hasn't advertised this service, but word of his generosity spreads along the trail quickly every year. I first heard about Rob probably 500 miles ago.

    I took this picture right after everyone in the room was loudly singing Wagon Wheel with Rob on guitar. It's on my list of favorite moments on the trail.

    Thank you Rob and Nancy for your hospitality!