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  • Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    AT Day 24 - 25: Andover, ME

    07-18-11: Overflow Trailer07-17-11: Planning the Day07-17-11: The Road to Andover, ME07-17-11: Andover General Store07-17-11: Andover Ice Cream Shop07-17-11: Wandering Around Andover
    07-18-11: Home Sweet Home07-18-11: Morning After the Dugout07-18-11: Morning After the Dugout07-18-11: Ridiculous Hiker Clothes07-18-11: Andover General Storeb07-18-11: Walking Out of the General Store
    07-18-11: Ridiculous Hiker Clothes07-18-11: Second Game of Invisible Softball07-18-11: Red Hot Dog?07-18-11: Bambi and Thumper

    AT Day 24: Andover, ME, a set on Flickr.
    Click on photos to enlarge and read a description.