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  • Photography

    Going to the Sun Road, Glacier, Montana

    Helen Lake, Glacier, Montana

    Mountain Goat at Hidden Lake, Glacier

    Chipmunk By Trail Ridge Road, CO

    Mount Rainier, Washington

    Bleeding Heart, Indiana

    Deer at Mokowanis Lake, Glacier

    Tendril at Indiana Dunes

    The Rocks at Ryan Mnt, Joshua Tree

    Bee at Devil's Tower, Wyoming

    Kayaking at Salamonie Lake, Indiana

    Splake and the Presidential Range, NH

    Grinnell Lake, Glacier, Montana

    Devil's Tower National Monument, WY

    Paintbrush Canyon, Grand Tetons

    Rainbow at Yellowstone Falls

    Sunset from Lake Monroe

    The Zion Narrows

    A Pondering Chipmunk

    Teton Crest, Wyoming

    The Sunset and Half Dome, Yosemite

    Nevada Falls at Dusk, Yosemite