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  • Friday, September 19, 2014

    My Last Full Day in Ireland

    On my last full day in Ireland, I stopped for breakfast.

    I continued hiking the International Appalachian Trail, and finally saw a white blaze. Sort of.

    I wanted one last photo of me in Ireland. I forgot I had my shorts on the outside of my pack. They were hanging out to dry after getting them wet in the ocean.

    Oops, that was the wrong way. There's my marker. Lets try that photo again 90 degrees to the left.

    My last high altitude views of Irish farmlands and ocean.

    And my last view of Irish sheep.

    I don't like thinking of lasts, but my spirits were lifted when a mother and daughter from California stopped to ask me for directions and they gave me some food from the Glenarm Castle Tea Room.

    I just feel really really bad that later I realized I gave them the wrong directions.

    My last night, last sunset, in Ireland.