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  • Thursday, July 31, 2014

    First Day on the Kerry Way Trail

    This is the long straight road out of Kenmare
    Black face? In this day and age? That is so offensive.

    When I turned to look at the view behind me, I nearly climbed over this fence to set camp on a hill. It was just so beautiful. Since I had a couple more hours of daylight, I convinced myself to keep going.

    Have I mentioned I love Ireland?
    The sun set, so I setup camp next to the road, the only
    flat piece of ground suitable for a tent for the last few miles.

    I didn't realize until after I set up, but just to the left of my tent, a sign clearly says "no camping." I would be up early, so didn't expect to see anyone. Then I saw a woman hiking down the trail. "Oh... Hello. I didn't think I would see anyone out here," she said. "Yeah me either," I said. "Which is why I felt safe setting up camp here."