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  • Thursday, December 22, 2011

    The Southern Terminus

    A quarter-mile from the summit, I stopped to wait for Footwork and the sunrise. After his exhausting 42-mile day, I was finally able to hike faster than him for a change. He moved on passed me and got to the summit first.

    He was standing still next to the Southern Terminus sign with his hand pressed flat against it. The sight put a lump in my throat. Later, I unexpectedly collapsed onto the sign and my eyes filled with tears. I honestly didn't expect to feel this way.

    My emotions were mixed, but intense. My journey from Maine to Georgia was the greatest adventure of my life, but actually getting to Springer Mountain in Georgia is bittersweet. I will write more about how I'm feeling at the finish line when I've had some time to collect my thoughts. I also have hundreds of photos left to post and many stories to tell that, due to limited cell coverage, never got around to telling. One thing I will say now is that, I'm not ready for the adventure to end, and I can't think of a good reason to let it. I'm going home to spend the holidays with family and friends, then I'm coming back to Springer Mountain to continue hiking until I reach my new destination, Key West.